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Piece of Mind Now That's a Wedding Vow

This is a day when only perfection will do. 

That’s why thousands of brides have trusted their wedding day to Gourmet Caterers.

Whether your dream wedding is a large event or intimate affair, Gourmet’s team of innovative planners, 

chefs, stylists and servers will be by your side to ensure that everything is perfectly, uniquely, your own.

Where to begin.... After working with all of you for roughly a year, it is more befitting to address you all as dear friends instead of our wedding vendors. Together, we made magic happen! You provided the most elegant, aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, delicious backdrop and we provided the family, good friends, love and warmth to create an unforgettable night. It was everything we hoped for and more.

Thanks to all, in advance, Donna, Jim, Randall and Sam